Dunblane, Ontario

Dunblane was a distributed community located at the corners of Saugeen, Arran, and Elderslie townships in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. It was first settled in the early 1850s. It was vibrant enough that it was granted a post office (postal stamp incorrectly made as Dumblane) in 1856 and there were two churches serving the community. Businesses included an inn, a sawmill, a blacksmith and a store. A frame school, officially known as S.S. No.1 Saugeen, Arran & Elderslie, started in the 1880.
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Audrey Underwood, the initiator of the Dunblane Book project, passed away Jan 23, 2017. Her obituary is here.

Scott & Lamont farms from across river   Flood at Dunblane school in 2005

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Some of the early families were, Gowanlock, Wallace, Scott, Rowand, Bryce, Mc Tavish, Telford, McNeil, Stark, Scofield,Tully, Thompson, Armstrong,Craig, Jones, McDougall, Fraser, Sergison, Grant, Burns, Potts McKelvie, Mahon, Walker, Adams, Hoiles, and many more!

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